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Hi everyone, this is also my first time blogging. I feel very  privileged to be part of a very talented group. Each of us are different and have different ideas and preferences but we probably all know that we have to pretty much accomplish the same end result for Matt.

Matt has given us a task to do. He may be experimenting with his musical endeavors and he may want to see if the new genre will be accepted by his followers or other reasons. I am finding it quite challenging so far. The fact that he sings to one genre and he wants a song of a different genre that I have never heard him sing to is challenging.

I’ve written a few melodies so far. I listen to, change, modify, listen again, change again, change again and so on ( what else is new ha ). Then the next day I don’t like them and I feel like I have accomplished nothing, but a new melody pops in my head and I’m exited once again. I guess like all of you too.

Well do not give up. I strongly feel that it’s going to work out nicely as days roll by. Especially when we start to collaborate together.  So until then.

Happy song writing.

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