Week 2 of the S.A.C. challange

This challenge has been a little more intense. The first week felt more like an introduction to me, I was more focused on getting started, organized and meeting people, so this week I dedicated more time to write a song challenge Rob Wells asked us to do.

I started with the chorus, I usually start there. Then I build the verses and the rest around the chorus. The lyrics are usually the last thing to write and they are the most time consuming but I managed to scrape a few words together that hopefully don’t suck too much. I am better at writing melodies. When Lily Cheng said it’s a challenge……. she meant it.

I needed to hurry and put a basic arrangement together as I was hoping to ask a challenger if they would be interested to do the vocals for the song. I needed to do this early on during the week so there would be some time left to record. Wednesday I woke up at 4.30 A.M. to finish but did not, so I had to continue working at it after work, (not very productive when your tired).

The kind and helpful Michael and Mikalyn Hay offered to assist, and I’m sure they tried but focusing on their own challenge there just was not enough time to dub the vocals. So, I took a lot of tries at it. Even humming and la, la, la’s,……..I decided to leave it without vocals, but I added some more instruments to complement and bring some extra life to it. If you read the lyrics while the song is playing it should be quite easy to figure out. Believe me, I’m not complete satisfied and I have deliberated to hire a singer ( I may have to for Matt Dusk’s songs ).

I have so far learned that there are a lot of talented singer/songwriters within our challenged group and some of us have beautiful vocals that can really amplify a song, thus I have to find other ways to compete and maybe try to have some different edge to go with.

I found it to be a lot of fun, and I can’t wait for challenge #3 to appear.

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