Week #4 challange blog

OK……. I do not think I will be heading to Nashville any time soon, but I gave it try.  This genre was a little more challenging for me , my first time.  I do not play guitar I tried to simulate it.  Also my singing will not win any awards but luckily I managed to recreate the melody I intended to.

My lyrics are geared towards a twenty year who is misunderstood as lazy and uncaring but do not underestimate him. I wanted to write something other then about love. I tried to simulate lead guitar sounds and bass guitar sounds and I thought I’d use some dance beats to add a little coolness to the song. The song its self is between up beat and ballad tempo I think ( is there a name for this type of song? ) .

When Lilly Chang said it is going to be a challenge………….I think, she meant it!

This week I learned a little more about country music and it’s ways of making music. Not a lot different then other mainstream music but there is a unique sound to it and it’s very hard to be original as every time I tried to write a melody it came out sounding quite the same as every other country song out there.

The other thing I learned is that it is extremely hard to collaborate with someone else. I am not sure why. I know that it’s very difficult over the internet, yet some challengers seem to be able to manage. May be James or Debra can give us some advice on this.

I hope you like my song.

All the best!

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