Week #6 Pop song

Hello everyone. I enjoyed writing this song.  Also had a little fun singing too. I think my singing is improving a little, would sound a lot better if I had a real vocalist” LOL” but , as Angie Ricci said to me “as long as the melody comes through that’s what’s important”.

I was more focused on Matt Dusk’s songs as I did not  write a Christmas song, although I had a melody suitable that would have worked. I will most probably write it later.

This week a thought came to my head. From all the songs that us challengers wrote, if someone could pick the best pieces ( melody, hocks, beats, sound, lyric, vocals, etc.) from the songs fit them together and produce the best song or songs they can. Just wondering what the result will be. Only kidding of course. Wonder what we can name the album?

Jokes aside, as a songwriter and as other challengers have already said , I am very grateful of the opportunities and the wonderful support we are able to get from the SAC and a special thank you to our mentors Debra Alexander and James Linderman . The SAC is a God sent association, I  do not know of any better and easer institution out there for us to get to know and communicate with such great Canadian talent,  plus all the other support and help from experts that are more then willing to improve and help us.

Thank you.



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