Song for Matt Dusk

Last week. I cannot believe how fast six weeks went by. looking back I remember how nervous and a little too anxious I was when we first started week one. I was also a little panicky but exited as well. Matt Dusk mentioned on his short video on you tube that he likes Deft Punk’s song ” Get Lucky”. I wanted to write something along those lines. I started out writing a song for Matt Dusk and was ok with it until week five, so I started rewriting another song which is this song I am posting, lucky I finished it on time.

Throughout these six weeks I have improved my songwriting skills. I enhanced the skill of song structure and lyric writing too. I also ended with a few questions. Listening to other challengers also gave me a few good points how to improve on a demo. One aspect I noticed is that you do not need to have a full production to impress, a good vocal and a guitar seems to suffice for a demo. Lily Chang mentioned that these days a good produced demo is what is needed, but that contradicts with what Rob Wels asked for. I wonder if it varies with different listeners same as different people like different music .Or I haven’t gotten it as yet

I feel a bit nostalgic now that I will not have any more challengers to search and read their comments on face book. I feel like I they were a part of my daily life too, especially when there was a conversation between us but I have made contacts and I hope we can work together on a project.

Well this is it. Who will have the chosen song by Matt Dusk? I hope the song he picks will propel him to the next level he deserves to be. Good luck every one and it was a real pleasure knowing you and collaborating with some of you.

Once again a big  thank you to Debra Alexander, Lilly Chang, James Linderman and the SAC. It was a fantastic  project you organized and successfully implemented. I hope we can keep in touch often.

Michael Paul Vella

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