Week #3 Blog.

This week I thought were lucky, we only had to write a short song. I feel especially lucky I was able to do the vocals for my  song. I wrote it simple enough for me to sing I think. I rehearsed many many times . I almost got it perfect.  Not sure how Heather Gardner will think. But imagine if a pro singer did the vocals……….

I thought I’d do something a little different to this song so I include a pet with the child. Also I  added rhythm and bass,  different instrumentations. Some effects and a whistling melody also give extra color. The lyrics I found to be easer to write as well, rhyming every second line.

This week I learned how songs for commercials are generally produced. I think songs are taken for granted when you listen to them during commercials but the same commitment and creativity as regular songs even though the songs are shorter.

I hope you like my song and if you have any questions please, send them.


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